Team of professionals
Team of professionals

Клуб Семейного отдыха Interlux является лидером в сфере международного клубного туризма. Better than anyone else, we know that a vacation is rare opportunity to be with your family, to become closer to one another, and at the same time to have fun and recharge your energy for a long time to come. We’re always happy to see the smiling faces of the people leaving us. At these moments we understand even better that we’re doing everything right.  Each year brings a lot of new things to our company: we improve ourselves, improve our service and develop the personal qualities of the team. Whatever resort our customers choose, we guarantee that they will be met by a highly professional team at the destination, and a vacation at the suggested resorts will be a real feast.

Клуб Семейного отдыха Interlux  входит в Международную обменную систему  RCI (Resort Condominiums International), основанную в 1974 году.  Курорты RCI расположены в более чем 100 странах. Это дает возможность  членам нашего клуба комфортно путешествовать по всему миру. В 2018 году Клуб Семейного Отдыха INTERLUX стал обладателем высокого статуса «Золотая корона RCI». Программа «Золотая корона RCI» была основана в 1991 году для признания высокого качества обслуживания.

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This is the person who will help you with any issues arising on vacation. All of our company’s representatives have attended a special school and understand the needs of vacationers.

Excursion guide

The excursion program at each club is worked out to the last detail and honed for years. Our routes will show you the local flavour and attractions in your native language most vividly and colourfully.


Don’t get bored on vacation. Try out tennis, darts, patanga, billiards, badminton, mini golf and much more. Our animators will find a pastime for you.


Transfers and VIP service for Club members.
The vacation of your dreams!
The vacation of your dreams!
  • Transparency
  • Vacation without intermediaries
  • Best quality of accommodation
  • Cost saving
  • Upgrade vacation level
  • Trade-in
  • Flexible booking
  • Personal approach
Acquaintance with the club
The club will open stunning corners of our huge planet for you. It will make a previously unapproachable kind of vacation real! That is why more than 20,000 families from Russia and CIS countries trust us.